Some Not-So-Random Oregon Statistics

Recently, I heard a fascinating interview with Larry Krasner, the DA for Philadelphia. It really challenged some of my thoughts on incarceration and inspired me to do a little research, locally. Here are some interesting statistics that I found for Oregon: 2017-2019 Dept of Corrections Budget: $1.76B ($880m annually) Source Average Daily Prison Population: 14,835 Source Average cost per […]

A Coffee Retrospective

Back in March, I was inspired by Manton’s Austin coffee quest and decided to try my own “30 Days of Coffee.” Starting on April 1 and continuing for 30 straight days, I would experience a new cafe or coffee shop that I had never visited before. The rules I set for myself were fairly simple: I must […]

The Trouble With Cross Posting

Recently, I setup a microblog ( to supplement my interactions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. After several conversations with my friend Manton, I decided that I would setup a new WordPress site and use that as the content “repository” and use cross-posting tools to distribute out to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. There are several reasons for […]

State of the Pines – 6 Months

I cannot believe that it has been only 6 months since I took the leap of faith to try and turn SilverPine Software into something bigger than it had been! We have been so incredibly busy (in a good way) and sometimes I feel like my head is spinning with all the great things that […]

First Musings on WWDC 2014

I’m writing this sitting in the San Francisco airport waiting for my return flight after a great week at Apple’s annual developer conference. It’s been an amazing week and I’m still processing a lot of what I experienced. First off, let me say that I believe that WWDC 2014 will be considered a turning point when […]

SilverPine Software and Photos+

“Leap and the net will appear.” -John Burroghs Growing up, my father was a serial entrepreneur. I watched him go from business to business, sometimes with success, but often without. Among my memories of his many businesses are not one, but two Oregon perfume companies (“The Oregon Perfume Company” and “Oregon Scents”). Though I have always been fascinated […]