Apple’s Next Love

Apple’s next product is going to be a smart band. Not a smart watch; a smart band. The difference is subtle, but significant: a smart watch implies that the device’s input is chiefly on its face and that its primary job is to display information to the wearer. As a long time smart band wearer, […]

The Schemes of Sunlit

One of the things that we established early on as a core principle for Sunlit was that we wanted to make sure we were focused on story telling and the sharing of stories and not on things on the periphery. Many times during development, we were tempted to create an über-camera or a whiz-bang photo […]

Competitive Disappointment

As we approach the impending Superbowl featuring the Pacific Northwest’s very own Seattle Seahawks, I felt it appropriate to explain why I am not at all excited about anything other than the commercials. You see, if you grew up in the Pacific Northwest and you are a sports fan of any kind, then you are […]

Sharing About Overshare

As Manton explained on his blog, we have been working on Sunlit for a long time. During that time, I can tell you that Sunlit changed and evolved from what we originally had envisioned. However, if you listen to Core Intuition, you know that we’ve been beta’ing the app for quite a while. So, when […]

Sunlit Is For Me

If you don’t like my new app Sunlit, I will still be happy. Don’t get me wrong. I hope you like Sunlit and it helps you do things with your photos and memories that you couldn’t do before, but if you don’t like it, I’ll still be happy. I’ll be happy because Sunlit is for […]

Thanks for the Memory

How much memory can an app allocate on an iPad 1? It seems like a trivial question. The original iPad has been in circulation for over 3 years now and developers have written thousands of apps, many of which are memory intensive. Given this, one would expect that this limit has been well documented and […]

A Retrospective of the Beginning

I was recently trolling through some of my previous attempts at regular blogging and I found a post that I wrote back in September of 2008.  It was not all that long ago and yet it seems like a lifetime ago in terms of how my life has changed. At the time, I was still […]